Leadership means motivating employees, inspiring them for common visions and emotionally committing to the optimal structural and technical alignment of the company. Leadership also means guiding employees to develop their own potential and trusting in their own abilities. A company’s success depends on the executives having all of these abilities.

Our Leadership Development Package offers a tailored program in order to develop managers into executive leaders. We train either individuals or groups and offer specialized training as well as personality-based additional education that promotes your management team and make outstanding achievements possible.

Management Appraisal

Every person is a personality unto themselves with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This individual potential predestines them for certain tasks. A company’s success depends in part on precisely recognizing and utilizing the potential of its executives and managers. LLC offers companies an auditing method, Management Appraisal, with which they can objectively evaluate its leadership personnel.

We support you in evaluating the potential of your executives; thus you are able to not only to recognise the abilities of the respective key player, but also to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your entire leadership team.

Executive Coaching

Competition on the international market is constantly changing. This represents both a challenge and opportunity for companies. At the same time, company goals and requirements of the executive leadership team also remain in flux. Executives in particular must therefore continuously develop and refine themselves both personally and professionally.

We train and advise your leadership team according to their individual requirements, promote strengths and balance out weaknesses. We sharpen their focus for the big picture, nurture strategic abilities and prepare them for the tasks ahead. We further coach your executives in their perception of situational leadership behavior.

Career Management & Outplacement Support

Our Executive Outplacement Strategy includes expert coaching for executives in order to show them the right possibilities and alternatives. We assist executives in dealing with changes and in making the correct decisions for the future.

Our individual coaching methods allow us to support you or your employees in finding their individual paths to success.

Performance Management

Performance Management is the constant process of bringing employees and company strategy into line and thus strengthen your company’s competitiveness. LLC designs, facilitates and oversees the management process with its comprehensive knowledge – always in accordance with the specific demands of the particular company.

Our consultants assist you in evaluating and assessing your employees. They further provide specialized support in the design and implementation of a dynamic Performance Management across the entire organization on through to the executive level.

Development & Training

Further and additional training isn’t enough nowadays to bring a company forward. Along with a challenging job, development of employee abilities also requires an underlying will to face the entrepreneurial challenges with specific qualifications and mental approaches.

Our specific management approach offers you a complete palette of high-quality training modules and solutions in order to extensively further develop your employees.