Increasing efficiency pressures lead to continual changes in companies and for your employees. Organizational redesigns, turnarounds and restructuring, change management, organization transitions, cultural changes and developments, fusions, takeovers and integration of new company divisions all are part of everyday life.

We advise you for all the strategic and operational development and change processes with the goal of improving your organization’s performance capabilities.

Organizational Strategy Development & Consulting

The foundation for a company’s successful growth is an effective and goal-oriented company strategy.

In dialogue with you, we examine current strategies, develop alternatives as needed and advise you how your company with its specific requirements and challenges needs to be organized in order to compete successfully.

Organizational Design

LLC assists companies to create a sensible structure. Working with the client’s leadership and other decision makers, we develop or supplement the company’s strategy in order to prepare the company’s organization and personnel for the future.

We have developed efficient tools in order to lead your company to lasting success by way of an integrated, strategic organizational design. We support you in the analysis of your organization and, working cooperatively, we develop structures that help the company and its employees to draw on their full potential.

Process Design

The complex international working world, as well as continually increasing customer demands, present special challenges to company organizations: even complex operations and processes must be simple to control and calibrate.

Our individual management approach assists you to increase the efficiency of working processes, precisely define responsibilities and develop the ability to identify and exploit unused potential.

Program Management

LLC delivers individual program and project management solutions that are tailored exactly to the respective client’s requirements. Our consultants have a wealth of strategic and operative experience at their disposal. They understand how to include all the significant components and often decisive details in sophisticated project management.

As your partner, we ensure that your goals are reached both cost-effectively and efficiently through intensive consulting.

Change Management

With today’s increasingly short economic cycles, companies must continually renew and implement their strategies, business processes and organizational models. Executives and managers must be prepared for the challenges to successfully realize these changes and play an active role in shaping them.

We help your executives and managers to be ready for these process changes so that they implement and consciously promote them.

Support in Due Diligence

The goal of due diligence is to deliver all of the important relevant information required for initial public offerings, for the purchase or sale of equity stakes or properties: annual financial statements, properties, facilities, copyrights, licenses and permits, contracts, etc.

We analyse your strengths and weaknesses, point out potential risks and work out solution scenarios with you in order to coordinate these and your company’s future activities.